Premium Natural Albums

These albums are elegant in nature, non UV treated in Silk, Velvet, Canvas and Leather surfaces.

Key Features

The Premium Natural books are elegant, simple and natural beauty silver halide photo albums standing synonymous with its name for exhibiting natural colors in every photo giving celebration life to every moment. Premium natural albums do not undergo UV and Lamination treatments maintaining an equal color tone on reproducing natural colors with vibrancy. Printed on four specialized paper surfaces.

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Premium Natural Velvet paper has a unique, smooth and deep matte surface feature, reproducing natural yet accurate colour tone of the captured image. Velvet with unique anti reflection matte finish protect photos from high light conditions.

  • Balanced White tone reproduces clear and distinct photo print quality.
  • Unique matte surface finish impresses every viewer every time they scan the photos.


Canvas papers are glossy premium, high quality textured papers that gives the premium album an elitist touch. Premium Natural Canvas incorporates silver halide emulsion technology that delivers enhanced colour reproduction.

  • Retains beautiful colours such as subtle shades of green, vivid blues and red.
  • Exemplification of highlighting details in every photo.


Premium Natural Silk are silver halide papers that deliver with high quality digital prints. The surface has a silky coat that enabled every user experience a silky textured feel in every photo print. Silk paper has high tonal range that produces prints with high image quality and rich texture.

  • High D-Max with wide tonal range for high quality prints.
  • Balanced White tone reproduces clear and distinct photo print quality.

Product Size

Pocket Friendly Albums that can be carried in your purse and bags

Available Sizes (in Inches):            

4x4,4x6,6x6 ,6x9, 8x8, 8x12

Traditional Album Sizes Fitting all Moments of Celebrations

Available Sizes (in Inches):            

10x14, 10x15, 12x15, 12x16, 12x18

Unique and Innovative sizes adds flavour to every album

Available Sizes (in Inches):             

10x10,12x12,15x15, 16x16, 20x20, 24x24

Rich Album size exhibitting big fat wedding

Available Sizes (in Inches):            

20x12, 20x15, 20x16, 20x24,20x30


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